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Please provide an insight which highlights why you’d like to see your child enrolled in Learn-Now.
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Please provide us with any further insights or observations that would benefit us as we 'develop' a programme of learning for your child - individually, and as part of a class. Do they show leadership skills for example? What areas of need to do they have? What do they already excel in? What would you like us to work with them on - stretching them accordingly?
Photos online: *
May we post photos of your child online? They'd be work-in-action photos and typically with other students. Sites they could appear in: our Learn-Now Facebook page (to-be), our 'eClassroom' space - accessible by other schools we partner the kids with, through to our FreshAz Education's or KidzConference site.
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Please select all the boxes below, to confirm your understanding regards fees, as identified in the invitation you received. Know too, that a student doesn't have to be locked into the programme for all three terms. We'll roll over each term's enrolment for the duration of this year automatically, unless advised by yourself.
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Please select the boxes below, that apply to your preferred style of payment. Number of weeks attended (if absent at times) needs to remain as $100 per term, as staffing, preparation and overhead costs remain static.
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