Queer ASL Application - July 2017 Cycle
Queer ASL is an anti-oppressive, transgender & queer centered environment with a focus on creating an accessible, affordable, and safer space for anyone who wants to learn ASL. Our classes are taught by Deaf Queer instructors and our homework features videos of folks from our local signing queer community. To learn more about what we do, please visit our website: http://www.queerasl.com/what-is-queer-asl/

Please visit the link below to find out address & access information about each location: http://www.queerasl.com/locationaccess/

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Our 101 Workshops in July 2017
This cycle is a bit unique because instead of having an 101 course that has 8 classes - we are breaking them into 5 workshops for July only. You can opt to only take the Deaf Culture workshop or a couple workshops, or do the entire run. To learn about what each workshop focuses on, please go here: http://www.queerasl.com/101workshops/

* If you have taken 101 before but feel like you could use some extra practice on a specific topic, feel free to register for the workshop that focuses on that topic.

* If you have plans to join our 102 course in September, you will need to complete all five workshops.

Which Deaf Culture workshop do you want?
Which workshop #1 do you want?
Which workshop #2 do you want?
Which workshop #3 do you want?
Which workshop #4 do you want?
Each workshop has a donation sliding scale suggestion of $15 - $50. The donations go towards paying our instructors and the overall sustainability & development of Queer ASL.

You can send your donation via email transfer or paypal - if donating in person is necessary, let us know. If you have to back out a week before the workshops start, you will get your donation back.

If you can donate - how much PER workshop will you donate & how?
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Are you aware that Queer ASL is a queer and transgender centered environment? (allies welcome)
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Do you have any access needs you would like us to know about?
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