Be active! Make a change in 2020! Application form for the Erasmus + Mobility of Youth Workers
May 1st-8th, 2020

Thank you for your interest !

We wish to select the participants who can benefit the most of the course as well as create an impact acting as multipliers in the communities. Thus, take your time and fill in your application form as detailed as you can. Let us know WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU WISH TO COME and HOW WOULD YOU GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.

The selection process will be made by the trainers in cooperation with the partner organisations.
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Have you been in any international exchanges/course/projects before? *
What is non formal education for you and how do you use it in youth work? *
What would you like to learn? What specific skills and competences are you looking forward to develop during this seminar? *
How do you plan to implement or use the competences gained during this experience? *
What is your personal motivation to take part in this training course? *
How will you contribute to the dissemination of the project? Please provide concrete examples (blogs, article on a web-page, post on social networks of an org/movement, radio, media....) *
I am aware that contributing to the follow up (dissemination activities after the seminar) is required for the participants of the project. *Dissemination is the process of participants turning their learning achievements into something concrete (workshops, conferences, blogs, articles...) in their own countries *
I am aware that obtaining a health and travel insurance are on my own expenses and responsibility. *
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