A questionnaire to measure students' satisfaction with the educational process
A questionnaire to measure students' satisfaction with the educational process
The faculty members present the course descriptions to us at the beginning of the semester *
What is the name of your faculty, year and department? *
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Student Name
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The members of the faculty are committed to the contents of the course description. *
The library of the faculty / university provides a variety of knowledge resources for the contents of the courses. *
I benefit from office hours offered by staff members outside the classrooms for the benefit of the educational process. *
Staff members are committed to the dates of the evaluations included in the course description *
The faculty provides online search for information relevant to the course topics. *
Teaching and learning methods for some courses allow me to conduct scientific research in working groups. *
The faculty members encourage me to express my opinion freely. *
Faculty members encourage me to innovate and provide new ideas and solutions to problems. *
The courses I study include skills that qualify me effectively for the labour market. * *
The field training I experience is appropriate for developing my practical skills. *
The faculty is interested in identifying students with disabilities and providing them with additional learning opportunities. *
The Faculty is interested in studying the reasons for the absence or dropping of students from the study. *
The faculty provides the necessary facilities and equipment to perform the practical sides of the courses. *
The faculty applies policies and mechanisms to provide all types of support to students (physical - health - academic) *
The faculty youth care staff cooperates with me to carry out various cultural activities. *
Student Affairs staff makes it easy for me to manage the seating number and certification. *
The examinations are objective and cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of the courses. *
What are the important shortcomings that you suffer from during your studies which the faculty should quickly deal with and correct? *
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What are your suggestions for the development of the faculty (in the educational, institutional and organizational aspects)? *
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