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We're happy to tailor our readings to your needs and budget. Every situation is different, and tarot is all about being flexible and open. Curious? Put in a request and allow us to respond with a quotation within 3 working days.

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Photo of Syar and Liy. Text: Mellow Tarot; Friendly and intuitive reads using gorgeous tarot decks. Come talk to us!
From our clients
"I engaged Mellow Tarot for two readings; one by Liy, and another by both Liy and Syar. It was an interesting experience; rather than predictive, the reading served more as a guide on things to be aware of and to keep myself grounded. I'm making it a point to do a Year Ahead reading every year to set my objectives." - M.S.

"The flash read was a really fun way to gain a new perspective of what's going on in my present, past, and future. I had a good conversation with Liy about what's happening with me too." - A.T.

"My first reading with Syar was mostly for fun, to see what the fuss was about. My second reading was for clarity— to check if what my mind is consumed with was the best way to spend my energy. I returned because the first casual time gave me more clarity than I thought. It was like a mirror, showing me parts of myself that I didn't know were there." - A

"I had a flash read with Liy. I've never had a reading before, so I thought it'd be a new form of expression. It was really fun and gave me hope for the future. The reading didn't predict the future though, it kind of reminded me of who I am and what I'm capable of. It was like giving myself a second chance." - S.D.

"I loved how Syar began our session by letting me choose from her decks. The way she later interpreted my deck of choice was very interesting to me. The reading felt a lot like therapy; wading through questions together, and simmering on them long after our session. Above all, I loved the way Syar explained things so simply and how open she was to answering my many questions. She conducts her sessions with patience and intimacy, creating a warm, safe space. Can't wait for my next read!" - E.A.

"I was in a desperate situation and so exhausted that I thought I would try anything to figure it out so why not tarot? I was very anxious and nervous but Syar was super friendly and patient and talked me through the whole thing. I was a sceptic but it was a lot more like a guided conversation than magic though maybe a little mystical as my cards were very accurate. The reading helped me sort out a very complicated situation and put my mind at ease." - R.R.

"I had my first ever reading with Liy and it was so fun. Liy is warm, easy to talk to and explained the cards really well. The reading helped me put things into perspective and re-evaluate my priorities. Definitely looking forward to a full reading!" - P.

"I was going through a lot of personal turmoil and Syar's reading helped guide me in refocusing some of the issues I was facing, putting them into greater perspective. I felt like I had more options than I had before, largely thanks to the fact that I was given lots of options in terms of how I wanted to set up the reading. It was a really collaborative and warm session. I also really appreciated the kind frankness of the reading - it really helped settle a lot of the misgivings I had around tarot." - S.C.

Mellow Tarot is open to reading people of all genders. Please note our readings are consultations and not fortune-telling. A tarot reading does NOT offer definite solutions for your issues nor it is a replacement for professional guidance.

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