UKSM'19 @Insomnia64 Submissions!
For the first time in history UKSM will be live at the Insomnia Gaming Festival! On Friday 19th of April we will be hosting a day long speedrunning Marathon, just like any other UKSM event. From Saturday 20th of April - Monday 22nd April we will be hosting speedrun tutorials, by the community for the community! Anyone who gets chosen to participate in our event will receive free entry to the Insomnia event!

Because of the nature of UKSM'19 @Insomnia64, and the strict timings that we will be subject to at the event, we would prefer shorter runs if possible. That doesn't mean a longer run won't get picked at all, shorter runs just have more of a chance of making it through!

If you are submitting a race to this event please only have one person submit through this form!

Speedrun Tutorials -

A speedrun tutorial is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, you do a live run through of your speedgame showing off the hardest tricks and giving some of the tips you wish you had when you started running your game! The idea of these sessions are not to complete the game as quickly as possible as per a usual run, but instead the goal is to make your speedgame as accessible as possible to the online and live audiences. Think of yourself as a teacher, and the people watching your students!
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Please leave a 10-15 minute window in your answer to account for mistakes in the run, we all know how marathons can be!
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While not required, an example of your run will give us a good gauge on how you may perform in the marathon. This will likely improve your chances of getting chosen!
Any additional details you think we might need to know
If there are any details you think we might need to know that aren't covered in the above questions, please don't hesitate to place them here!
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