Rampello K-8 Downtown Employment Verification Form

Step 1: Complete the online magnet application at https://www.sdhc.k12.fl.us/departments/95/hillsborough-choice-options/about/ during an open application window.

Step 2: Complete this Downtown Employment/Residence Verification Form.

Step 3: Email proof of Downtown Employment to Magnet Lead Teacher Amy Miller at amyr.miller@sdhc.k12.fl.us . This can be scanned and/or sent as an attachment.

Proof of employment is considered one of the following: A letter from your business supervisor on company letterhead OR a copy of a recent paycheck stub with the business name and address on it.

Proof may also be faxed (813-233-2337), dropped off in the main office, or mailed to the school. Email is preferred for ease of confirmation.

Please make sure to include ALL children that you are currently applying for Rampello.

Please note: Approved verification applications will be given extra consideration in the magnet lottery, but are NOT a GUARANTEE of placement. Application is not complete until proof of employment/residence has been sent.

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Still have questions? Call the Magnet Office at 813-272-4692.

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