Winter Chicory Farm Supper
Sunday January 27th, 6:30pm, Sub Rosa Bakery, $75 wine included

Join us for a Winter feast exploring the Tomten Farm bounty and diversity that is made all the better by cold winter nights and low light days. The inspiration for the meal is delicious bitter chicories including escarole, frisee, grumolo, sugarloaf, and a diversity of radicchios from soft, tender, and sweet to firm, succulent, and sharp. Served family style in a intimate cozy setting, the menu looks to Italian cuisine and its love for the bitter to shape this 6 course meal paired with wines from Richmond's Native Selections. This Tomten Farm supper will be held at Sub Rosa Bakery, using the wood burning oven as a staple in the meal's construction. Tickets are $75 per person with wine included.
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