2021-22 Iowa Rockets - Parent/Player/Coach Information
Iowa Rockets Player info for Rockets Club Directory.  Please complete the information for your player and your family.  This information is used to create the Iowa Rockets Team & Family directory.
ALSO - complete the section for player conflicts. This applies to PRACTICEs and TOURNAMENTS.

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Email Addresses
Provide ONE primary email address so we can contact the parents.  You may include additional email addresses, too.
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Mom's name
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This section is for PRACTICES. Indicate when date they start and stop.
Practice: Sunday Conflict Description
E.g.,  Youth Church (Jan 1-April 4)
Practice: Sunday Conflict Times
E.g., 6-7pm (i can miss this)
Practice: Monday Conflict Description
E.g.,  Hospital volunteer
Practice: Monday Conflict Times
E.g., 4-8pm (1st monday of the month)
Practice: Tuesday Conflict Description
E.g.,  ACT Study Group
Practice: Tuesday Conflict Times
E.g., 8-10pm (2nd and 4th tuesday - Feb 1 - April 1, I can miss some)
Practice: Wednesday Conflict Description
E.g., Wednesday Youth Group
Practice: Wednesday Conflict Times
E.g., 6-7:30pm (every wednesday - I prefer not to miss)
Practice: Thursday Conflict Description
Practice: Thursday Conflict Times
Practice: Friday Conflict Description
Practice: Friday Conflict Times
Practice: Saturday Conflict Description
Practice: Saturday Conflict Times
This section for TOURNAMENT conflicts
Tournament Conflict #1 Date(s)
E.g., Dec 23-27
Tournament Conflict #1 Description
E.g., At Grandmas for Christmas
Tournament Conflict #2 Date(s)
E.g., Sat Jan 23 10am
Tournament Conflict #2 Description
E.g., Basketball away game in Dubuque
Tournament Conflict #3 Date(s)
E.g., Sunday April 4 (Easter)
Tournament Conflict #3 Description
E.g., Church Confirmation (cannot miss)
Tournament Conflict #4 Date(s)
E.g., May 8-9
Tournament Conflict #4 Description
E.g., Brother's wedding in Nashville
Tournament Conflict #5 Date(s)
E.g., May 23 Sunday
Tournament Conflict #5 Description
E.g., Sister's graduation ceremony
Is it better for you to have team practice on Wednesday or Thursday (or either) *
Most teams will have their weekday practice on Wed. or Thurs.  11s and 12s may be on other days - such as Mon, Tues, Fri.
Comment to your coach about practices
Comments to Kyla about the directory
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