POWA 2021 Retrospective Suggestion Poll
For this year's look back at all the shows we've watched, we're turning to POWA members to help us decide how to celebrate the anime we've finished this year! Through these 10 categories, we want you to nominate as few or as many moments, scenes, or memorable qualities as you can remember.
Feel free to be broad or specific, though specifics will help us track down the perfect examples to show off in our retrospective videos we'll be watching during our final screening on the 12th of December! You do not need to link to clips unless you want to, describing things will be fine.

The 11 shows we're looking for nominations from are the ones we've finished this year:
Initial D
Zombieland Saga
Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 1
Assassination Classroom Second Season (+Koro-Sensei Quest)
Yona of the Dawn
The Disastrous Life of Saiki-K
Golden Kamuy Season 2
Planet With

Check out the POWA website for previous examples of out Retrospectives: https://powaclub.com/hall-of-fame/#retros

This poll will close 6pm on Thursday, December 9th.
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Outstanding OPs
Which episode openings got you grooving, impressed you with their presentation or did some combination of both? Think about what you wouldn't skip when watching alone.
Exquisite EDs
What closed out every episode with exactly the right tone or feeling? You may have felt disappointed the episode ended, but these endings lifted your spirits a little.
Loudest Laughs
What moments made you bust a gut with laughter? Maybe you kept the giggles in even if it was hard. These scenes certainly do not have to be from a comedy series, as we all know how crazy Golden Kamuy can get!
Amazing Action
What feats of animated action splendour solidified themselves in your mind? Be it a bombastic fight scene, or a tense bit of mental manoeuvring - we welcome all such moments here.
Stupendous Soundtracks
We love little more than celebrating great music and here's your chance to put forward the best of the best. Which soundtracks did you feel stood out? It can be an entire show, or one specific piece that did exactly what it was meant to do and draw those emotions out of you.
Surprising Shocks
Twists, cliff-hangers or or general teases that rack your brain with the potential DRAMA that can come from them. These are the moments that can make or break scenes, episodes or hell, entire shows with how they are executed. Which were the best?
Biggest Feels
Deaths, tragedy, heartfelt joy... these are the moments that can bring a tear to your eye or even have you bawling. What moved the cold dead hearts of the anime fans who thought they'd seen it all?
Best Boys
It's time to dig your feet in and demand the best from the male leaning side of the gender spectrum. From sweet little boys to bulging mighty men and everything in between - who are the top of the crop to you?
Best Girls
The battle lines are drawn. There is a choice to be made. You know what you have to do - pick your favourite female characters from POWA's 2021 line-up. But are you willing to do it?
Going Home Club Highlights
Here you can suggest moments, characters or just general highlights from this year's extremely diverse Going Home Club. The following series were completed by the club that you can draw from: Re:Creators, Princess Tutu, To LOVE-Ru, Mobile Suit Gundam Films, Berserk, Rebuild of Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Ruin Explorers, Tank Police, Robot Carnival, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1-51). Please feel free to be creative with your suggestions as we'd love to highlight a small portion of each series.
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