ComSciCon-Rocky Mountain West Application
Graduate students and postdocs at all Colorado schools, the University of Wyoming and the University of Montana are invited to apply for the first annual ComSciCon-Rocky Mountain West. This unique professional development event will provide attendees with a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from professional science communicators working in journalism, industry, research, and policy.

As an attendee, you will participate in interviewing and public speaking workshops as well as engage in discussions with invited experts on how to communicate science through media, advocacy, industry, academia, and community outreach. You'll gain insight on how to incorporate best practices in science communication into your career and, if you desire, learn how to build your career as a professional science communicator. Last but not least, you will also produce and get the chance to publish an original popular science piece for a general audience!

We ask that you only apply if you can attend the full workshop, which includes a full day on Saturday, September 23rd and a half-day on Sunday, September 24th. Applications are due by Thursday, June 1st at 11:59 PM and are competitive.

Our conference is free. Travel and lodging costs will be reimbursed for select out-of-state students from the University of Wyoming and the University of Montana.

Please visit our webpage for more information about the program: or send us an email as

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