Green-Schools Virtual Water Workshops - Senior Primary Schools Registration
This registration form is for Primary Schools who wish to request a Water Workshop. We will not be holding any in-person events this year, but schools may choose between a fully pre-recorded video presentation or a "semi-live" workshop with pre-recorded content to be delivered by the teacher, followed by an interactive activity live via Zoom from Green-Schools Officers.

Water Workshops are only available to registered Green-Schools currently working on the Water theme.The workshops are appropriate for older students in 4th, 5th or 6th class.

Please note that only one class workshop is available per school.
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A school address is required for receipt of workshop pack (includes: workshop outline, info booklet/USB, and water saving devices; while stocks last!) Please enter your School Address: *
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What class group is the workshop for? Please note that only one class workshop is available per school. Please note that workshop content is currently available for 4th, 5th or 6th class only.
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Thank-you for requesting a Senior Primary School virtual Water Workshop. Please note that spaces for workshops are limited, all requests will be followed up with to let you know if we have availability. To submit your request please click the "Submit" button below.
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