ACCP Training & ACCT Level II Certification Registration
This is the registration form for Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner (ACCP) Training & ACCT Level 2. This form is part of the pre-requisite of attending the training. Please put aside 20min to 30min to fill in the form as accurately as you can :)

At least 3 days of the training must be conducted in MOE OALC and the booking of OALC can only be done 60 days before the course date, we are scheduling the following:

ACCP Training
End Apr to Early May (Date To Be Confirmed once MOE OALC can be booked)
Day 1 & Day 2 - 33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Tower #05-54 S4008868
Day 3 - Day 5 - MOE OALC or Sembawang BB/BG Campsite

Time: 0830hr - 1730hr daily

ACCT Level 2: Certification
Day 6 - MOE OALC
Time: 0830hr - 1730hr

The training and certification programmes cover the following:

a) Belay System: Dynamic, Static, Smart Static, Continuous Belay System
b) Specialty Element: Abseil, Climbing Tower, Zip Line, Challenge/Pamper Pole
c) Full Track: Core, Technical & Facilitation Competencies

Please note that the training will provide the necessary competencies to meet ACCT L2 Certification requirement.
To take the certification, participants must meet the following requirements:

a) 200 hours of work experience, including operating all the specialty elements
b) 80 hours of training that are Challenge Course related (Including the 40 hours if you attend the ACCP Training)
c) Clearing the portfolio submission


a) Completing the training will not guaranty passing the certification. Some participants may need more time to take on the certification test.

For more information, please visit our web page:


Early Bird - Register and pay by 15 Mar

a) 5 Day Training plus 1 day certification - $1899.25
b) 5 Day Training ONLY - $1658.50
c) 1 Day Certification ONLY - $428.00

Late Bird Register and pay after 15 Mar

a) 5 Day Training plus 1 day certification - $2140.0
b) 5 Day Training ONLY - $1872.50
c) 1 Day Certification ONLY - $535.00

Bank Transfer - DBS Current: 245-900006-9, send us the acknowledgement
You may PayNOW us - with UEN 201306761C. Put your name in the remarks :)

We will get in touch with you once registration is completed with the necessary documentation for training and certification.

All prices are inclusive of GST. We are a GST registered company.
Business/GST Reg: 201306761C


I have read the training and certification information. I am ready to fill in the form.
I have personal / company insurance to cover my participation in the training and certification *
Please note Pivotal Learning does not provide medical, accident insurance etc related insurance for participants. In the event of medical emergency during the training, participants would be required to make payment for the medical and evacuation fee.
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