COSCUP 2019: 開源貢獻者保留票申請
COSCUP 2019 Open Source Contributors (OSC) Tickets Application

COSCUP 2019 開放開源貢獻者報名!

只要符合以下資格,就馬上來申請今年的 COSCUP 入場卷吧,我們歡迎大家參與開源專案的開發、推廣與各式參與。

** 請仔細閱讀底下的申請流程唷! **

!README (下面有中文版)
# Who can apply for OSC tickets?

Your participation in an open source project since 2018/5/12 makes you eligible for applying for a Registration Code. The open source project and your participation must meet the following conditions:

* The project source code must be released with a license approved by Free Software Foundation or Open Source Initiative
* The project must be hosted on a public repository such as GitHub, Google Code, SourceForge, or others. You must provide proofs of your contributions along with your application in the form of web pages, commit logs, mail contents or others that are publicly accessible.
* Your contributions can be code, documentation, promotion campaign, or any other activities that help the project in a positive way.

# For oversea attendee

Please tell us your location and we will contact you later. Once you are qualified, promise to attend COSCUP 2019, and post a message about attend to COSCUP on SNS (Twetter, Facebook... etc.,) you might have a better chance to get the invitation code. :)

For oversea attendee, please tell us where you come from in Section 4.

# The process of OSC application

You need to fill this form and provide your information.

If your application is accepted, we will send an email to you and give you the invitation code. Otherwise, we will ask you to provide more information or just turn down.

The process is not over now!!! Please *redeem* the invitation code on the registration system (will be announced later), and select OSC tickets for registration. If you feel good about COSCUP and would like to support financially, you can choose donate NTD$500 to COSCUP during the registering process.

If you have any question, please contact .

# Key dates

* 12th May: The deadline for OSC tickets application
* 19th May: The notification to applicants who need to provide more information
* 26th May: The notification to all applicants who are accepted or declined
* 2nd June: Start to redeem your invitation code

# 開源貢獻者資格

由 2018/5/12 到現在,實際針對開源專案提供開發、推廣、或其他有助專案進展之貢獻者,提出貢獻相關證明即可報名。

- 開源專案意指專案成果以 FSF 或 OSI 認同之公眾授權條款釋出者
- 所提出之貢獻,必須可以經由公開途徑查證(例如提供 GitHub、Google Code、SourceForge 等公開專案平台上的討論紀錄、網址、commit log、信件文本、公開釋出之演講投影片紀錄等。)

# 海外參與者

你身在海外,雖想回台參與 COSCUP,但並非貢獻者又害怕搶不到票嗎?COSCUP 歡迎所有的海外人士前來參加!只要你居住在海外、承諾與會,並願意於 SNS 或個人 blog 公佈自己即將與會之訊息,即使非貢獻者或講者,也將優先獲得我們的 VIP 邀請。請在報名表上註明您的出發地,我們將再與您聯絡。

海外參與者請於第四個 Section 告訴我們您從哪裡來,並勾選相關選項。

# 開源貢獻者票申請與使用流程



請拿著這個邀請碼到報名系統上報名,選擇「 OSC tickets / 開源貢獻者票」(如果您喜歡 COSCUP 可以隨手捐個 NTD$500 元香油錢當作 COSCUP 籌辦的花費),到這邊你才真正報名完成。

# Key dates

- 5/12 報名截止。
- 5/13~5/18 審查期間。
- 5/19 第一次審查完畢,開始補件。
- 5/26 前補件完成。
- 6/2 公告開源貢獻者正式名單,通過的開源貢獻者可以在 KKTIX 上報名。


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