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The New England Resilience & Transition Network is on the move! Since 2012, over 120 grassroots groups from around the region have come together to share stories, lessons, inspiration, and more. We are now working to create a map and website so all these great groups can continue to be in touch with each other (see

Both individuals and organizations are welcome to join us. For organizations, please complete sections 1A and 1B to be included on our map. Individuals please compete sections 1B.

Also - we want your input! What should be the goals of the network? What should be our priorities? Please fill out these quick questions in Section 2 below and let us know what you think.

If you have any questions, or want to get more involved, contact Nina Smolyar,, or visit
1.A. ORGANIZATION - Enter Your Info for the Map
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2. NERT Network Goals
The following goals have been tentatively adopted by the NERT network. Please comment on these below.

* Support Grassroots Groups by providing resources and inspiration to tackle issues like burnout, leadership, capacity, expectation-setting, and organizing. Help groups and individuals realize that they are not alone in this work.

* Support Inter-Connectivity, both among grassroots groups and with other kindred networks, such as Food Solutions New England, New England Local Energy Network, PINE, etc.

* Articulate a Common Story that conveys our vision for a for a joyful, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future, despite threats of climate change, resource shortages, and inequities.

* Create a sense of “Network Self-Awareness” among resilience, Transition, and other grassroots groups in New England.

* Become "more than the sum of our parts" in order to enhance the resilience of the region as a whole.
Your comments:
What else would you add?
3. For Official Transition Initiatives
NERT is in touch with Transition US about becoming officially recognized as a Regional Transition "hub". Please note that endorsing the Regional Hub does not alter the subsidiarity (Transition Principle #7 of the Transition Initiative in making its own decisions and self-organizing as it deems appropriate. Further, the Transition Initiative and its members can always choose whether to participate or not in the functions offered by the Regional Hubs.
Do you endorse NERT becoming officially recognized Regional Transition Hub?
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