2020 Shabbona Youth Fishing League Registration
To register for this year's league, please fill out the following form FOR ALL CHILDREN PARTICIPATING IN THE FAMILY. You do not need to fill out separate forms for each child. *Please note that you will need to sign liability forms in person on the first night of the league after completing this registration form.
Email address *
Participant's Name(s) *
Participant's Age(s) *
Participant's Address *
Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
Team Member Request (Please list team members that you would like to request on your team. Please note that all requests may not be applicable.)
*Please note that this season may be slightly different than previous years due to COVID-19 state restrictions. In order to accommodate all league members, we will be hosting league on multiple evenings. Please choose which night you would like to attend league. (We will try our best to accommodate your requests based on your team requests.) *
*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited to hosting a total of 50 people on each evening. Please list how many people you plan to have in your family group. (For example, if both parents are attending with the 3 children you listed on this form as participant's, your total would be 5 people. We do not need names, only the total number. *
*Please note that the first 50 people to register for each night will be asked to attend on a specific night of league. If you are not assigned a certain night, you can still be a part of our league! We ask that you go out and fish for 2 hours any time you wish, and keep track of how many fish you catch within those 2 hours. If you catch a fish larger than 10 inches, please measure it and take a photo so that we can see and give you additional points! We will be sure to meet with you sometime soon to have you sign your liability forms.
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