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Shared Values/Membership Agreement
Hospitality and Accessibility
We are committed to creating a culture where people feel welcomed and affirmed. We seek to build community internally with one another by engaging in conversations, being supportive and compassionate, and showing up for each other. We will work to remove barriers to full participation in the collective and to increase access, especially for those with visible and invisible disabilities. We also seek to strengthen external ties to other communities of social justice activists and to build and deepen these relationships and connections.

Intersectionality, the interconnectedness of identities and forms of oppression, guides our work. We are committed to inclusivity and to centering the experiences and voices of those who have been historically left out, overlooked, and silenced in mainstream feminist activism. We believe difference is beautiful and its place belongs at the center of our work, not at the margins.

Personal Sustainability
We encourage our members to take care of themselves and to adopt regular, personally-satisfying practices to sustain their well-being. We do not shame people for needing time off, or to take breaks. We seek to foster a culture where people feel comfortable honoring and sharing their limitations. We encourage the prioritization of members’ mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

We value engagement with each other as a group and in local and statewide political and social issues. This value includes participation in causes and direct actions (in-person or online) that align with our mission. In the same tradition of organizers from historical social justice movements, we seek to practice organizational nonviolence (that is, nonviolence in our processes and interpersonally) to end social inequality and structural oppression.

The Personal is Political
We acknowledge the power of personal narratives and that personal experiences are reflective of political inequalities. In order to honor that the personal is political, we believe that people are experts of their own lived experiences. We take an open and reflective stance when listening to narratives that may not match our own. We also acknowledge that people’s lived experiences include past and present traumas, and we seek not to reinscribe these traumas by reproducing harms interpersonally.

Transformative Justice
Our work is guided by transformative justice, a framework for justice that is survivor-centered and seeks to transform individual harmful behavior and the social conditions that create and perpetuate harm. This value guides not only our visioning of the world we are working toward but the means by which we work to make it a reality. We recognize that we all cause harm and have been harmed, and that our work against systems of violence and oppression calls us to begin creating strategies for accountability within the collective and our communities that do not rely upon the same strategies of policing and exclusion that undergird systems of violence and domination.
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