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We ask MOMA and its board member Larry Fink to divest from prison companies, divest from dehumanization.

Larry Fink is CEO of BlackRock, the 2nd largest shareholder of prison companies, GEO Group and Core Civic. With over $2 billion in contracts with ICE, these two companies are responsible for over 70% of all immigration detention including families separated at the border.

These prisons punish for profit, break up families and our communities, detain immigrant children and impede visits.
These prisons are racist, violent and routinely violate human rights. Detained Migrants are denied due process.
These prisons cut costs, deny medical care and serve barely edible food.
These prisons think of immigrants as a market. This is just the beginning. They are seeking to expand into other markets.

If they are not convinced of the injustice yet, we ask that Larry Fink and the MOMA board meet with concerned artists, community leaders, immigrant rights organizations, and detainees to hear the real story about the prison shares they own.

For more details see MOMA Divest at Art Space Sanctuary
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