Create a Villain Challenge: Part One. Design a Diabolical Villain
Your first mission is to create a villain for the Mighty Warrior Uri. Uri is a sixteen-year-old from a family of merchants, whose main goal is put an end to The Marauders, a notoriously evil gang of cutthroats and murderers, who have been terrorizing his parents business. Your goal is to create a villain, an arch nemesis, worthy of his attention, because a hero is only as interesting as the villain he goes up against. (Special note, if you want to remember who the specifics of the villain you designed, ask your teacher, and I can send them your specific answers in part 1)
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How this works
What is your villain's name? (Remember the story is set in ancient times)
What are the Exaggerated Traits of your villain? Is he/she greedy, cruel, sarcastic, sassy? (Come up with at least 2 traits)
What does your villain look like? Is she/he tall, bald, muscular, etc.? What weapon will your villain use? (Come up with at least 3 physical descriptions and 1 weapon)
What drives your villain? What is their story question? Look at the defining traits you gave them, and give them a reason for why they act the way they do. (example, 'Yuri, the massive warrior who rides a battle camel, steals from everyone because his dream is to build the biggest castle in the land.')
How should we introduce your villain? Dream up a scene that highlights their exaggerated traits. (Example: Yuri rides into a town on his huge camel, and steals the purse of a kindly old grandpa)
Who is your teacher and what school do you go to?
What is your name?
Do you want to be extra awesome? Draw a picture of your villain, and then email a picture of it to Don't worry though, if you can't draw (like me!), it won't hurt your chances!
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