Support 2019 Dyslexia Bills (Minnesota Residents Only)
Sign the petition to urge Minnesota state legislators and Governor Walz to support the following dyslexia bills that are currently making their way through the state legislature:
SF 116 / HF 1495 Dyslexia teacher professional development for 5-year recertification
SF 196 / HF 1494 Dyslexia teacher training requirement for teacher preparation programs
SF 651 / HF 1496 Dyslexia screening requirement

We need the voices of all Minnesotans who share an interest in this important issue, including students, parents, and teachers.

Please Support Students with Dyslexia
I call on you to support legislation to improve educational outcomes for Minnesota's 135,000 students with dyslexia who struggle with reading. This session, I urge your support for:
SF116/HF1495 Requiring that teacher professional development for 5-year recertification include training on dyslexia
SF196/HF1494 Requiring that board-approved teacher preparation programs include instruction on dyslexia
SF651/HF1496 Requiring school districts to screen students for dyslexia.
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