Top neighborhood needs...
1. What is the ONE most significant NEED in your neighborhood that requires additional or new attention? *
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2. What are your ideas and some of the ways this NEED can be addressed? *
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3. What West Denver neighborhood do you identify with? *
4. In the neighborhood selected above, do you: *
5. Is your top NEED currently a priority shared by your neighbors or community leaders? *
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6. Is your top NEED an area of focus for your neighbors, community leaders, or is it addressed in city policy/plans?
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7. Is this top NEED a district (West Denver) issue? *
8. Beyond the ONE most significant NEED you have shared, are there any other needs or issues important to you, your neighborhood, or West Denver?
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9. Would you be willing to work with the WDRC and West Denver community on this top NEED? *
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