Live Video Cabin Talk - College Edition
Take some time out of your busy schedule and prepare for Holy Week! Please let us know that you will be attending the first ever Live Video Cabin Talk - College Edition.

Where: From the comfort of your own dorm room (or anywhere else)

How: Zoom Video Conferencing: via Phone, Tablet, Computer with Internet Access. There is an App available. Dialing in won't allow you to fully participate in the Video portion of the call. The video aspect makes this the most like cabin talk, so we recommend you join us via video conferencing. You'll just need to put in the Meeting ID Number.
(More info on this to come after you register.)

When: Tuesday April 4th from 9:00pm-10:15pm

Why: You have all been out of the camping program as campers for at least a year now. It is our firm belief that the faith and fellowship that we experience at camp can be found in other places and situations outside of our physical camp home.

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We will be using this "Coffee with Sr. Vassa" episode as our digital "Orthodox Life Session" and will be discussing it as part of the Cabin Talk. Please take 10 minutes to prepare yourself!
Metropolis of Pittsburgh Live Video Cabin Talk Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions: I understand that it is a privilege to participate in the Live Video Cabin Talk, hosted by the Metropolis of Pittsburgh, and I will represent myself in a Christ-like manner. I will not participate in any bullying whatsoever towards any participant before, during, or after the program. Furthermore, if I should witness any bullying behavior, I will report it to a the Live Video Cabin Talk facilitators. I will refrain from using profane language and all illegal drugs, including alcohol & tobacco during the call. I agree to the Social Networking & Blogging Policy. I agree to the Metropolis Dress Code. I will abide by all the rules and guidelines that will be outlined to me by the Live Video Cabin Talk facilitators. I will be personally responsible for my actions and if my behavior is not that of an Orthodox Christian, I will be asked to leave the Live Video Cabin Talk. I also agree that I will not participate in the Video portion of the call while driving! *
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