Non-Essential Business Violation Tracker (Bay Area)
There is currently a shelter in place order in most Bay Area Counties. Orders have slight variation, but they each define essential business as the only work that should be operating in a traditional manner. Work that can be moved remote is encouraged.

Click the link below to see if your work is essential or non-essential:

Since the non-essential work ban, many businesses have voluntarily assessed themselves accurately and closed. However, there are always the "catch me if you can crew" and unfortunately, their workers will most likely be Black or Brown and/or low income.

It is important that access to safety and health isn't a priority just for the wealthy of our community. We need to ensure that workers across the Bay Area know their rights and what resources are available to them.

Furthermore, businesses that attempt to mislead their employees by insisting they continue to cover shifts for non-essential work must be identified and equalized for the sake of our families and friends health and for the overall safety of our community.

This survey is ANONYMOUS and will help our local, county, and state leaders understand the extent of disregard for the non-essential work ban. Responses will be shared with relevant city councils, board of supervisors, the governors office, public health departments, and any other appropriate agencies across the Bay Area. Already workers have spoken up against Tesla continuing to run manufacturing and it got shut down. Lets keep our community safe of these bad actors.

If you, a friend/family member, or enemy is currently working for a company that is forcing workers to show up to non essential work shifts, please share your story!


Link to file complaint against COVID-19 Retaliation  (Oakland):

email: if you need specific information for your city/county

State of California Paid Leave and Unemployment Eligibility Guidance

For additional guidance from the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations
regarding allowed leave from work as it relates to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19),
please visit:

CA Labor Commissioner's Guidance -

If an employer temporarily shuts down or reduces hours for employees due to COVID-
19, employees may be eligible to file for unemployment through the State’s Employment

Development Department (EDD). Guidance from the EDD for disability insurance and
unemployment insurance as it relates to COVID-19 can be found here
EDD Guidance -

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