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Hari Om! Calling ALL CHYKs to join for the largest ChykWest initiative of 2020! We are excited to present a new satsang opportunity by the CHYK Publications Seva Team - an online book club! The group will meet every other week starting Monday, January 20th from 9-10PM EST. The first text we will be taking up is "We Must" by Swami Chinmayananda. Members are expected to read the chapter ahead of time and then each session will feature a discourse by a Swamin/Brahmacharin/Sevak on the chapter followed by an opportunity to ask them questions. We hope to be able to connect with Pujya Gurudev through His books and through the stories shared by those who had the grace of meeting Him! We look forward to having you join!

The first book "We Must" can be ordered here:
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