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Please use this form to submit your input, or that of your country/region, regarding goals for developing astronomy research, education, outreach, human capacity etc over the next 5 years to 2024. Rough timelines and budgets (in any currency) will suffice.
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If you are submitting on behalf of your country/region please ensure that other key stakeholders in your country/region have been consulted. If you have ideas for your country but have not consulted others in the country, please select "Individual"
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e.g. Online second year course in astrophysics24 HEFQ credits, available to all universities in EXAMPLE COUNTRY; Join the International Astronomical Union as an observer member; etc. HINT: NUMBER YOUR GOALS SO YOU CAN REFER TO THEM IN THE SUBSEQUENT QUESTIONS
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For each of the goals, what is the timeline?
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For each of the goals, what is the approximate budget required?
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For each of the goals, what are the actions required and who are the responsible persons for each action?
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