Port Wallis United Church Financial Commitment form
Can you make a Financial Donation Commitment of Treasure?

The chart shares a breakdown of the financial giving offered by our congregation in 2016. We ask that you review this chart and reflect on where are you on the step chart. Whether confirming the same level of support, committing to increase your giving for the coming year, or by registering for PAR to ensure your donation commitment happens regularly…your commitment will help Port Wallis as it makes plans to support and reach out to our immediate community and the community beyond our doors.

(Many of our families use the PAR system for donations and there was a brochure and PAR form attached to the Salt and Light letter if you would like to learn more and start using this system. You can also pick one up in the church office)

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Please note: Your returned information will be treated as confidential. Please return your forms to the church by Sunday November 19, 2017 or drop them off anytime at the church office. Thank you, from the Salt and Light Committee
Donation Breakdown in 2016
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