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Are you ready for an ADVENTURE??!!
OWOC is currently accepting applications for:
Iceland 2019 - Educational Photography Excursion // applications due 10/20/18

Note: we are no longer accepting applications to Panama. Wish us luck; we leave in November!

About One World One Canvas
One World One Canvas aims to give travelers the opportunity to experience other cultures through the power of art. Our students enjoy the adventure of a life time, with skills and impressions that they will remember forever. They will touch and enhance the lives of people from another nation through the process of creating art! OWOC experiences solidly back college applications and career resumes.

One World One Canvas is a 501c3 non-profit that began as a vision in 2011; since its conception, we have overseen many trips and given art workshops to thousands of underprivileged children, providing food and clothing as well. We have serviced hundreds of families with food for months and painted multiple schools and classrooms. In addition to service trips, OWOC offers fine arts trips. OWOC is funded through destination travel donations, community donations and student generated fundraisers.

One World One Canvas has created two full-length student-generated video documentaries and multiple photo documentaries. The Haiti photo documentary called “Peace, Love and Sneakers” won first place in a National Video contest. You are encouraged you to click on the following video link. It is awesome.

Many of the students’ photographs have earned awards. Please visit for photographs and testimonials.

Informative Sites

Instagram: @OneWorldOneCanvas

Twitter: @1world1canvas


Types of Trips
Art Service Trips: we provide food, clothing and love through art workshops to needy children, while living and working alongside locals.
Educational Photography Tours: we experience the culture through experiential learning activities and photography shoots.

Adventure Trips: trips dubbed "adventure" include a lot of hiking, camping or similar exciting explorations.

Please enjoy this short promo video created by OWOC and KWHS teenagers, after our 2012 trip to Haiti.
Who may apply? How are travelers selected? When will we be notified?
Anyone may apply for an OWOC trip, but teenagers will have priority in the selection process. We encourage adults, families and college students, to apply as well. Adults may apply individually or families may apply together. Children under 13 years of age must apply with a family member. Siblings may file together, as a family. Families will fill out a short additional application for each traveler. If not all family members' names are selected, the family will be notified and may decide to travel individually. Adult travelers are not considered chaperones; trip leaders are selected prior to the application process.

Travelers outside of the Florida Keys are welcome to apply; these travelers will simply need to pay for travel expenses to join the group for the trip and may be required to skype or facetime trip meetings. We have had travelers from Indiana, New Jersey and California.

Travelers are chosen by rubric scored applications and then by a lotto drawing of the accepted applicants. The top scoring applicants are automatically enrolled in the trip. Immediate relatives of the OWOC board of directors, with passing applications, are automatically enrolled. The names of teenage applicants, with passing application scores, are put into a drawing. Higher scores enter the lotto earlier in the drawing process; non-teenage names will be added later in the drawing process.

OWOC has found this to be the most fair selection process, given that we cannot take every applicant. If your name is not drawn for the trip, you will be put on a waiting list in the order that your name was selected. Those not chosen may apply for future trips. Each time an applicant reapplies, points are added to the rubric score total, boosting the chance of your name bring drawn. In other words, if you don't make the first trip that you apply for, keep applying. OWOC wants you to travel with us!

All applicants will be notified via text or email whether or not, their name was drawn for the trip, within 1 month of the trip application due date.

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