Wharton CE Primary School - Critical Worker Status Questionnaire
Please complete this questionnaire to advise us if you qualify for critical worker provision for your child/ren in the event of a main school closure. Completing this questionnaire will allow us to establish who is eligible to attend school. The allocation of school places is for emergency childcare provision only where parents/carers are critical workers and cannot work from home. We will contact you if your child is NOT eligible to attend school based on the information you provide.
Email address *
What is your child's name *
What class is your child in? *
Please name all parents / carers in the household who are critical workers *
Which critical worker category / categories does your job fall in to? *
What is your job title and the company name/s and address/es of your employer/s? *
Please supply telephone numbers or email addresses for your employers. Wharton CE Primary School may need to contact employers to verify your employment status *
If eligible, would you require a critical worker place for your child/ren in the event of a main school closure? If you will be working from home please consider whether your child/children still need to be in school. *
If there are 2 parents/carers living at your address please indicate if one or both of you are classed as critical workers. Wharton CE Primary School may need to provide places only for children where both parents/carers are critical workers which will depend on numbers *
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