It Takes Roots 4.28 RED LINES Action Organizational Endorsement Form
On Friday April 28th at 2pm, stand with Frontline communities in Washington DC as we unite as Mother Earth’s RED LINE to take direct action against the corporations and politicians driving the extractive economy.

The day before the People’s Climate Mobilization (link), on April 29th, we’ll form a red line to defend our planet, protect our people & communities. The Red Line is a line that cannot be crossed. We draw a red line through the militarization of the federal budget, and the rising wars at home and abroad, and the “dig, burn, dump” economy. We hold a red line to defend our environment, our homes, our families and our future generations. We will work to build a just transition towards “local, living economies” where communities and workers are in charge. We demand an investment in communities and sustainability, and a divestment from militarism and extraction.

Will you hold Mother Earth’s Red Line with Indigenous, Black, Brown and Frontline communities on April 28th?
Please add your organization here to co-endorse this action. Contact Jaron ( to get involved!

*** It Takes Roots is a collaboration between the Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), and Right to the City Alliance (RTC), with support from the Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) and the Ruckus Society. For more information see:

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