Restaurant Sign up Form for $25 Meal for Families in Need is offering free nutritious meals from local restaurants, funded by donations, to local families in need. This helps restaurants with some income while helping families in this crisis.

If you are a restaurant willing to offer a nutritious vegetarian or chicken Meal for a Family of 4 for $25 then please complete this form below. You can take a TAX DEDUCTION for the difference in the cost of the meal and the special pricing for us! Our EIN is 263642056 for tax purposes.

Please note that you are abiding by your commitment to serve consistent nutritious meals. We have the right to exclude you from the program if we hear complaints from families about the quality or consistency of the meals. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note $25 must include tax and tip. Thank you!

Please create 2 meal options- one vegetarian and one chicken. The meals must be nutritious and healthy.
Families select to order from you, typically we are seeing 1 to 10 orders per restaurant per week. We place orders between 1 pm and 3 pm and request same day pickup.

You can always reach us at

How it Works:
1. You fill out this form
2. We list you as an option for families
3. Families select a meal and pick up from you
In some cases, we will have volunteers offering delivery.
4. We pay you $25 per family meal for four, either during pick up or weekly via credit card, Venmo, Paypal etc. We decide this together.

Come join us for free at, for more free resources during this crisis.

With Love,
FreeMeals Family
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Your nutritious meal options: please provide a description for each of the 2 meal options you will offer for $25 each. Each meal must include vegetables and/or fruits. Eg: Meal 1: Quinoa vegetable bowl for 4.  Meal 2: Turkey avocado wrap *
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