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YHSGR Corporate Leads, Live Connections, Buyers & Sellers Appointments - APPLICATION
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Are you working in Real Estate Full Time? 

***NOTE: ONLY FULLTIME agents are eligible to receive Company Generated Leads.***
YOU MAY ONLY SELECT TWO: Choose two lead sources from the following that you would like to receive leads from.  (CHOOSE two (2) only and are limited to 15 maximum connections to work with and get 1 into escrow to receive more)

*** Choose two (2) and we will decide on ONE (1). One agent, one platform. 

***NOTE - ALL New Team Members MUST start with the Face to Face Appointments before receiving Live Connections. Average Offer Rate on Face to Face appointments MUST meet or exceed 10% for 60 Days & 1 Deal in Escrow before moving to Live Connections.***
I Agree to have 35 Conversations A week (Copy and write this statement below to affirm that you agree to have 35 conversations a week from the customers that we generate for you)
Clear selection
Distressed Sellers - Distressed Verified Data (DVD)
Distress Sellers - Distressed Verified Data (DVD): Consumers at a level of distress or late payment on a mortgage, verified phone, email, address and name, intention, based AI (artificial intelligence), exclusively for you will be assigned max 15 distressed sellers. 
Requirement: Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) training course certificate of completion and RBID Certified. 
CDPE: To complete the CDPE training, please go to www.CDPE.com (and enter enter coupon code "YHSGR" for a $200 discount) 
KPI: close 1 out of 15

Are you currently spending for leads as a Zillow Premier Agent? *
If you have answered "Yes" to the previous question, do you agree to discontinue your spend as a Premiere agent in order to receive Flex leads? This is REQUIRED as part of our corporate Zillow Partnership. *
Are you currently receiving leads from Zillow Flex? *
Are you currently receiving leads from Opcity? *
***NOTE: Agents at YHSGR are NOT Required to work on Lease Leads. However, these are available through the Opcity and PrimeStreet Campaigns*** *
You must choose to either opt "IN" or "OUT" for Lease Leads. *
If Opting IN for Lease leads you agree to the following fees. *
If "Yes" to the previous two questions what is your current conversion? "If you are not sure please confirm with your accountability coach or sales manager." *
If you are a team lead which of your OSA's will also be taking leads from the YHSGR Corporate team? *
It is required for ALL YHSGR Corporate Partner Leads and YHSGR Generated leads to be serviced by a YHSGR approved service providers. This includes Title, Escrow, Lending, TC Services and Insurance. Do you agree to use YHSGR approved solutions providers? *
Do you agree to follow the requirements to utilize the Follow Up Boss app AND ALL Corporate Partner Platforms to call and text leads along with updating notes and lead status? *
Do you agree to consistently update the lead via notes and/or status immediately after a change occurs and at minimum on a weekly basis? *

Do you agree that if you are NOT meeting the minimum requirements consisting of but not limited to Answer Rate, Appointment Rate, Showing Rate, Offer Rate and total Conversion that leadership can pause you and/or remove you from receiving leads at any time?
It is REQUIRED that you utilize and Block Off your YHSGR google calendar in order to receive YHSGR generated leads. Do you agree to keep this calendar up to date for any commitments that will prevent you from accepting additional appointments? *
How many clients do you currently have In Escrow? *
How many clients are you actively submitting offers on? *
How many clients are you actively showing homes to? *
Please list the top 5 cities you intend to service. 

****NOTE: We will try our best to keep you close to your select cities/areas. However, by applying to serve YHSGR generated deals, you agree that you are willing to serve which ever territories are available and assigned to you based on the company's needs.****
In order to receive Company Generated Leads you agree that, when working with buyers,  70% MUST  sign the VIP Buyers Agreement. *
Are you YHSGR Advantage + Buyer Buyer Certified? 

Note: you are required to be "YHSGR Advantage + Power Buyer" certified in order to apply to receive YHSGR company generated customers. 
i. Definition of Company Generated Leads is: any customer that generated by company and/or ALL of its referrals

ii. Definition of Sphere of Influence (SOI): your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.
 YHSGR Code of Conduct

YHSGR believes that all people deserve to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, sex, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health, or other status. YHSGR chooses to work with professionals who both share these values and embody them in their interactions with consumers, YHSGR employees, and other professionals. 

In the event YHSGR determines that Agent is not upholding these values, YHSGR may take action to ensure the integrity of the services, including terminating Agent’s participation in the YHSGR Company Generated Program. YHSGR may also terminate Agent’s participation in the YHSGR Company Generated Program in the event Agent is charged with or convicted of a crime, or YHSGR otherwise believes Agent’s participation on the YHSGR platform could harm the reputation and/or good standing of the services offered by YHSGR.  
YHSGR Ladder Of Success
‼️ ‼️   To those who are applying for The YHSGR Sellers Live Warm Connections ONLY   ‼️ ‼️

Are you RBID Certified?
Clear selection
‼️ ‼️   To those who are applying for The YHSGR Sellers Live Warm Connections ONLY   ‼️ ‼️

What is your current conversion on the buyers?
‼️ ‼️   To those who are applying for The YHSGR Sellers Live Warm Connections ONLY   ‼️ ‼️ 

What is your current conversion on the sellers? 
‼️ ‼️   To those who are applying for The YHSGR Sellers Live Warm Connections ONLY   ‼️ ‼️

Why would we consider your application for the YHSGR Sellers Live Warm Connections? 
To Open Escrow, email: Jzescrowteam@CaliforniaEscrowGroup.com 
California Escrow Group 
Jocelyn Zheng Cell: 310-658-1325 (text ok)
email: jocelyn@californiaescrowgroup.com 

BOBBY BABAK ALIHAJI, Title Officer  Cell:  (626) 376-0911
Email: bobby@allcaltitle.com

For faster response on title assistance, please email: Team@allcaltitle.com

For open orders, please email: Openorders@allcaltitle.com

For customer service, please email: Cs@allcaltitle.com

Trusted Loan Officers
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