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FILL IN THE FORM BELOW! Sree Sreenivasan - @sree on Twitter, @sreenet on IG, sree@sree.net - is using this form to collect info from folks who want to know more about his workshops in NYC, across the US and in other countries - also online-only options. He is also looking for people who wish to collaborate on such sessions: speakers, co-hosts, venues, attendees, sponsors, etc. EMAIL: sree@sree.net * FILL IN THE FORM BELOW!

SPONSORSHIPS! If you want to host or sponsor a session or two - or the whole tour, let us know.
SEE BROCHURE: http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc

CURRENT SPONSORS: Bombay Shirt Company, Global Teacher Prize, Hashtracking
Past sponsors of these sessions have included companies like Flipboard, Twitter, Kaplow, LivePerson and more.
Sponsorship brochure: http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEKEND 2018 #smwknd, the biggest event on the tour, is June 1 & 2 at CUNY J-school in NYC. Buy your tix today! Will sell out: http://smwknd.com

> Jan 17 | NYC | Social Media One-Night Stand - RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/sreesmonsweb

> Feb 10 | Phoenix | #SreeTips Dinner: Fun/serious meal w/ fun/serious people
> Feb 12 | NYC | Deep Dive Workshop on Wikipedia Essentials - RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/sree20182 * produced w/ @fuzheado
> Feb 16 l Los Angles l Workshop at Getty Museum
> Feb 19 | Los Angeles | #SreeTips Dinner at Wallflower Venice: Fun/serious meal w/ fun/serious people * curated w/ @AparnaMuk
> Feb 20 | Los Angeles workshops: http://bit.ly/sree20184 * produced w/ @mmaltaisLA @michelebraphael
> Feb 21, Little Tokyo, LA: Social media workshop for small business and nonprofit, hosted by Little Tokyo Business Assn
> Feb 21: City Hall, LA: Social media for government and civic orgs, hosted by EmpowerLA | Pix and report: http://empowerla.org/68329-2/
> Feb 23 | Stillwater, Oklahoma | Workshops at Oklahoma State Univ & guest lecture at Spears Business School * RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/sreeosuwebinars * ARTICLE: http://bit.ly/sreeosu
> Feb 24 | Dallas | Workshop at University of Texas, Dallas: http://bit.ly/sree20183 hosted by @artsonepass
> Feb 26 | Rockland County | Social media for building community, an interfaith event hosted by Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County
> Feb 27 | Philly | Wharton School of Business - multiple workshops * hosted by @mukulpandya
> Feb 28 | Los Angeles l Workshop at USC: http://bit.ly/sreeusc2 * produced w/ @VGonzalesUSC @mmaltaisLA @michelebraphael: RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/sreefblusc

> March 9 | Washington & Lee University talk * hosted by @alyco ° RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE: https://livestream.com/wlu/ethics-sreenivasan
> March 11-13 | Austin | SXSW - panel + workshop
> March 15-23: Dubai & Abu Dhabi
> March 26 | Toronto | Advanced social media workshop ° http://bit.ly/sree20186
> March 27 | Toronto | Workshops for University of Toronto's Field Day conference

> April 2 | Thiruananthapuram, Kerala, India
> April 3 | Delhi | #SreeTips Dinner: Fun/serious meal w/ fun/serious people * curated w/ @radhika_iy
> April 4 | Delhi, India
> April 6 | Goa, India * hosted by @amithpr: https://twitter.com/amithpr/status/969438005395062784?s=21
> April 7-10 | Colombo, Sri Lanka * produced w/ @aroarun
> April 12-13 | Princeton, NJ | Princeton Social Media Day * hosted by @eva_kubu
> April 18 | NYC | Deep Dive Workshop on Giving TEDx or other talks + Appearing on camera w/ @joiechen @simonthetam
> April 24 | NYC | Digital Diplomacy workshop for NYC global consulates. * hosted @germanny http://bit.ly/sreediplo
> April 25 | Toronto | Workshops for MagNet Canada magazine conference

> May 1 | NYC | Lunch-n-learn for Time Inc A3
> May 24-28 | Hong Kong & Taiwan | Social media workshops

>>> June 1-2 | NYC | SOCIAL MEDIA WEEKEND #smwknd @CUNYJschool - BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR http://smwknd.com

> June 7 | Tampa/St. Pete | Social Media One-Night Stand xTAMPA/StPETE * hosted by @poynter http://bit.ly/sreepoynter
> June 8 | St. Pete | Workshop for @Teachapalooza w/ @atompkins @kellymcb
> June 12 | Syracuse | Workshop for Syracuse Newhouse staff and students
> June 12 | Syracus Fireside chat for Armory Square Ventures
> June 20 | NYC | Social Media xSPORTS * produced w/ @saknin http://bit.ly/sreesports1

> July 3-6 | Kenya | Workshops for UNHCR in Nairobi and Kakuma refugee camp
> July 8 | Nairobi | Social Media Workshop w/ @roopaonline for EO Network Nairobi chapter
> July 18: Cape Town, South Africa | Social Media Workshop for * w/ @fuzheado
> July 18 | Remote workshop for consulting agency in Silicon Valley
> July 24 | Boston | Social Media One-Night Stand * produced w/ @ctanowitz http://bit.ly/sreecambridge

> Sept 7-11 | San Francisco | Workshops
> Sept 12 | NYC | Workshop about being better on mobile, Redeemer W83 Loft Space
> Oct 9-12 l Vienna | Social Media xCULTURE (museums, galleries, theater, libraries & more): Vienna, Austria * produced w/ @mardixon
> Dec 6 | NYC | WORKSHOP TOPIC TBD, Redeemer W83 Loft Space (capacity 200)

(want to partner w/ Sree? sree@sree.net)

> Recording of Social Media One-Night Stand in NYC: http://bit.ly/sreesmonsweb
> Recording of Deep Dive Workshop on Wikipedia Essentials * produced w/ @fuzheado: http://bit.ly/sree20182
> Recording on OSU webinar 1: Social Media Marketing in Business: hosted by OSU Spears School of Business: http://bit.ly/sreeosuwebinars
> Recording on OSU webinar 2: on Social Media for Professionals hosted by OSU Spears School of Business: http://bit.ly/sreeosuwebinars

> Every Sunday, 8:30 am New York time, reading the Sunday NYT or other papers + lots of random interviews with some of the most interesting and influential people in the world... find me on FB or http://fb.com/sreenet
> Recording of Feb 2018 workshop at USC: http://bit.ly/sreefblusc
> Recording of March 2018 lecture on ethics in the digital world: https://livestream.com/wlu/ethics-sreenivasan

(want to partner w/ Sree? sree@sree.net)

In 2018, Sree will be doing dozens of workshops around the world, including:
> Social Media Weekend (2-3 day festival of workshops, all-star Q&As, social-media doctors and more)
> Social Media Day (one-day conference of speakers, workshops, all-star Q&As and more)
> Social Media One-Night Stand (3-4 hour deep dive into social media, with all-star guest speakers)
(want to partner w/ Sree? sree@sree.net)

> Wikipedia (recording available for purchase): http://bit.ly/sree20182
> On-stage Speaking & Performance: http://bit.ly/sree20185
> Storytelling
> Branding
> LinkedIn & Other Career Management Tools
(want to partner w/ Sree? sree@sree.net)

> Social Media xSPORTS: June 20 in NYC - http://bit.ly/sreesports1
> Social Media xCAREERS (includes job fair): Fall in NYC
> Social Media xPERFORMERS (music, film, theater): Fall in NYC
> Social Media xFOOD: Spring 2019 in NYC * produced w/ @floydcardoz & others
> Social Media xRELIGION: Spring 2019 TBD
> Social Media xCULTURE (museums, galleries, theater and more) * produced w/ @mardixon: Oct in Vienna, Austria
> Social Media xNONPROFITS: 2019
> Social Media xHEALTH: 2019
> Social Media xFASHION: TBD 2019
> Social Media xWALLSTREET (all things finance): TBD 2019
> Social Media xMEDIA: TBD 2019
> Social Media xPOLITICS: TBD 2019
(want to partner w/ Sree? sree@sree.net)

>>> SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES! http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc <<<

>>> ARTICLES ABOUT 2018 TOUR <<<<<<
Workshop at NY Auto Show: bit.ly/sreenyautoshow & bit.ly/sreenyautoshow2

NYC (multiple times a year + Social Media Weekend June 1-2, 2018)
DC, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Philly, Chicago, Phoenix, Detroit, Tampa, Toronto, Austin (and counting)

India, UK, Ireland, Dominican Republic, UAE, Italy, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa (and counting)

The folks on this mailing list will be among the first to know of such sessions.

SPONSORSHIPS! If you want to host or sponsor a session or two - or the whole tour, let us know.
SEE BROCHURE: http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc

CURRENT SPONSORS: Bombay Shirt Company, Global Teacher Prize, Hashtracking
Past sponsors of these sessions have included companies like Flipboard, Twitter, Kaplow, LivePerson and more.

*** Be sure to join Sree's Advanced Social Media FB Group - http://bit.ly/sreefbadvanced

>>> SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES! http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc <<<

Read his recent NYT guide to social media: http://bit.ly/nyt2017

Some articles on Sree:
How to use social media in career transition: http://bit.ly/sree3oh3
PBS Newshour feature on Sree's journey: http://bit.ly/sree3oh10
Fast Company: Most Creative 2015 profile: http://bit.ly/sreefc
NYO on Sree as "The Twitter Tutor": http://observer.com/2010/04/the-twitter-tutor/
See also: Sree’s 5 TEDx videos: http://bit.ly/sreetedxvideos

Twitter: @sree - http://twitter.com/sree
Instagram: @sreenet - http://instagram.com/sreenet
Facebook: /sreenet and /sreetips - http://facebook.com/sreenet and http://facebook.com/sreetips
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/sreenivasan

>>> sree@sree.net [for enquiries about these workshops or to discuss any other aspects of Sree's teaching, consulting and speaking work]

ABOUT SREE: Sree Sreenivasan is a leading social and digital media consultant and trainer, working with nonprofits, startups, companies and executives around the world. He has served as Chief Digital Officer of New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Columbia University (where he was a full-time professor of journalism for 20+ years).  
He has also been a paid on-air tech expert for the three largest news stations in NYC.
Sree is the creator of three popular social media learning opportunities that have been attended by thousands of attendees in NYC, several U.S. cities and more than a dozen countries: Social Media Weekend, Social Media Day and Social Media One-Night Stand. 

In 2015, Fast Company named him one of the 100 most creative people in business and in 2010, he was named one of the 35 most influential people in social media by the Poynter Institute. In 2014, he was named most influential CDO by CDO Club. 

>>> SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES! http://bit.ly/sreesponsordoc <<<

Just a sliver of the feedback to recent sessions:
From an editor at the New Yorker and one of Columbia J-school's most popular teachers of writing:
Nice reference to President Obama here:
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