Austin Mystical Market Vendor Application
Below is the application to vend with the Austin Mystical Market.  We aim to be a collective of Artists and Artisans with mystical aesthetics who strive to bring more whimsy to the world.  Vendors must be directly involved in the creation of 90% the products which they sell (ie. No purchasing en mass/wholesale bulk items and simply rebranding with your own label, your hands have to have painted, designed, embellished, built, made, or constructed the majority of the items that you sell.  NO MLMs).  A small selection of stickers, stones, ephemera or bones are the preferred exceptions to the rule.  We may be booking up to two Readers/Diviners for each pop up. Events will be carefully curated so as to not have too many of one kind of medium. Artists must be present to vend their creations and not just send employees to run their booths.

 Saturday August 10, 2024
At Good Dad Studios
In partnership with Art for the People Gallery 
2801 S I-35 Frontage Road 
Austin, TX 78741

Spaces will be indoors in the community room and approximately 6’x8’. 

Fee will be $45

Applications close July 1st

Applications ReOpen October 1st for the Dec. 7th market. 

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Description of your products/services. *
How long have you been vending/creating your wares? *
Which markets have you previously particpated in? *
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Vendors are required to promote the event on their own social media Feeds.
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As a Vendor I understand I must be self sufficient and provide my Own canopy, weights, tables, chairs, display items, credit card processing and signage. As a Vendor I am also responsible for collecting my own sales taxes. 
•As a vendor I agree to be respectful of those around me (fellow vendors, patrons and venue staff).  
•I agree to bring a positive attitude and understand that we are all in this together.  
•I agree to remain professional and not become intoxicated at vending events.  
•I will arrive on time, allowing enough time to be fully set up before the market’s start time and will remain for the entirety of said market. 
I understand that in case of bad weather (for outdoor markets) refunds will Not be issued, but the fee will be Credited for the next event you participate in.  This is because vendor fees get spent entirely on securing a venue and promotions.
I understand that Austin Mystical Market and its Host are Not responsible for any theft, damage, personal injury or weather event. *
If you are Not chosen for a market would you like to have constructive feedback about why?
(Examples, but not limited to…we filled the slots for your medium, you did not fit our criteria, or not enough previous vending experience)
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