Manifesto for a Change in Education
The educational transformation that today's society needs is everyone's responsibility, and this time YOUTH MUST TAKE THE FLOOR. As Paulo Freire said, "education does not change the world: it changes the people who are going to change the world".
Those responsible for the "Unlearn Education" initiative want to create an international network of young people willing to "rethink" the educational model. As a first step, we are going to prepare a "Manifesto for Educational Change" in which the largest possible number of youth voices is collected globally. We need your collaboration. Can you help us by filling out this questionnaire? Thanks for your time.
You are used to being evaluated, but, on a scale from 1 to 10, what global grade would you give to the Educational System? *
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And in general, you would say that the Educational System ... *
These are some of the aspects in which we believe we should work, but we want to know which ones are the most important for you. Please, choose, in order of importance, the five aspects that you think should be prioritized:
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Empowerment and participation in school / university life (for example, commissions to organize aspects of common interest. Communication with social agents outside the institution but with influence on it, organization of events, debates, service learning projects that impact the school life….)
Diversity (for example, events for cultural, ethnic, religious exchange and awareness ... measures for the integration of students with special educational needs ...)
Coexistence in School Life (for example, school mediators for the resolution of internal conflicts, actions to prevent bullying, spaces for coexistence within schools and universities ...)
Work, academic and personal orientation (for example, mentoring processes by professional adults, internships in companies, lectures on educational options in vocational and university training; sex education ...)
Sustainability (For example, 2030 Agenda and SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), Nature, Ecology, green policies….)
Health (For example, role of sport, nutrition, healthy life habits etc)
Competencies and life skills (for example, critical thinking, ability to work in teams, decision making, problem solving, communication skills ...)
Local and global citizenship (for example, cultural awareness, social and personal responsibility in the face of community problems, fight against discrimination based on sex, fight against poverty and inequality, respect for different opinions etc)
Arts, music (what role do creativity and artistic learnings have in schools and universities)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (for example, workshops to detect adolescent talents, Design Thinking processes, prototyping ...)
Digital Literacy (for example, how to use New Technologies ans Social Media in a responsible, safe and effective way ...)
Educational spaces (for example, the versatility of the spaces where classes are taught, classroom sizes, air quality, furniture that favours learning, playgrounds and entertainment facilities)
You surely have your own ideas about what should be improved in Education or what you expect from it. We would love you to tell us: your comments will help us greatly to make the "Manifesto for a Change in Education".
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And finally, we need some information from you, so as to get to know you better.
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Educational stage you are in *
Feel free to add any info about projects you participate in to change your school or university.
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If you want to be aware of the actions that we will carry out starting September 1st, in "UnLearn Education" network, leave us your email or your social media profile. We want to transform Education with you.
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