Soil Health & Community Resilience: Stories from the North - Survey
The Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition (VHSC) and Littleton Food Co-op are collaborating to offer a series of six online events focused on soil health and community resilience.

We are interested in hearing from communities in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and the North Country of New Hampshire about:
- what interests you,
- what you would like to learn more about and discuss, and
- what resources and opportunities are already available that can be highlighted.

Please fill out this survey yourself and help us share it widely with your networks!

Our goal is to create and share content specific to these regions of Vermont and New Hampshire in order to help build the social mycelium (networks and connections) around soil health, climate change, and community resilience.

Webinars will be held from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on every other Wednesday starting February 10th through April 21st, 2021.

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Affiliated Organization(s) or Business(es), if any
Please select the top 4 soil-related topics that would you be interested in learning more about
What specific questions or issues, related to the ideas listed above, might you want to have discussed as a group / community or get information about?
What resources, projects, organizations, businesses, or individuals are you aware of in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and/or North Country of New Hampshire related to the ideas listed above?
Stay in touch to learn more as the series is planned!
To stay up to date as the series is planned, webinar links are added, and resources are shared, please register via Eventbrite for the series.

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