Checking the Pulse
Please help to make TCS better by participating in this anonymous district-wide survey.
What school does your child attend?
1. Does your child find the classroom activities and experiences interesting? If no, what would you suggest?
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2. Do you and your child talk about school activities and experiences at home?
3. Have you visited the Parent Library located at your child's school?
4. Overall, do teachers and administrative staff address your questions in a thorough and timely manner? (Remember the 24- hour rule.)
5. How often do you check the Parent Portal? (Check one.)
6. Do you feel welcome, valued, and in partnership with your child's school? If no, what would you suggest?
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7. Has your child's teacher(s) worked with you to establish and maintain regular, ongoing, two-way communication?
8. Do you feel your child's teacher(s) have a positive attitude toward your child and family?
9. Are you satisfied with opportunities for family involvement (events, education opportunities, resources)?
10. Do teachers encourage you to be actively involved in your child's learning?
11. Thomasville City Schools communicates with families in a variety of ways. Which of the following modes of communication do you find helpful? Choose three which best serve your personal needs.
12. Share three things you like about Thomasville City Schools.
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13. Share three things you would like to see improved.
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