Come to Hawai'i and experience sea turtles and our amazing reefs with Turtle Island Restoration Network!
We are planning our first TIRN ecotour on Maui for 2018!

Potential activities for a 7-10-day tour (depending on the season) include daily snorkeling to document sea turtles and other reef animals, the removal of marine debris and discarded fishing gear from reefs and beaches, a day trip to the island of Lana'i to see a historic sea turtle nesting beach, searching for nesting/hatching sea turtles, viewing of basking sea turtles, joining restoration activities, exploring cultural sites, hiking, and much more.

All activities will be coordinated by our Hawai'i Program Director (an 18-year Maui resident) and her conservation colleagues.

What time of year would you most be interested in visiting?
What kind of experience are you looking for?
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