Tandem Festival 2018 - Volunteer Sign Up
We've been asked many times what's the secret ingredient to making Tandem Festival such a special & welcoming event. The answer is simple: our wonderful team of volunteers!

As a volunteer you have 3 ways of helping: Build Up, Happening & Take Down. Build Up will enable you to shape the Festival then enjoy it freely. Happening is where you'll make Tandem happen. With Take Down give yoourself an extra week to Tandemise yourself.

We will be running a volunteer induction days on 17th June from 11am-3pm at the festival site. It would be great if you could come along so you can get to know the site, get to know your fellow volunteers and learn some useful volunteering skills! More information on this to follow once you are signed up and ready to go.

Please note this year we will require all volunteers to pay a deposit of the cost of one full price ticket (£85) to secure your volunteer place. We had a number of volunteers pull out at the last minute in 2017 which was really tricky for us to manage so we are putting the deposit in place to encourage volunteers to commit to volunteering. If you will struggle to pay a deposit for any reason, please get in touch with volunteers@tandemcollective.org to discuss this further.

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