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1. Drag the words from the box to complete the conversations. What are - Who's - What's - Where are - Who are - Where's
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Conversation 1- A: _____ the person in this photo? B: It's my grandmother.
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Conversation 2 - A:_____ the definition of the word 'actually'? B: It means 'in fact'.
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Conversation 3 - A: ______ Sophie and Billy? B: They're at the cinema.
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Conversation 4 A:_____ the party? B: It's at Jim's house.
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Conversation 5 - A: ______ the times of trains to Liverpool? B: There's one at 11.30 and another at 12.15.
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Conversation 6 A:_______ the people on the next table? B: I don't know. Why don't you ask them?
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