MHC Alumnae Petition for Divestment
Dear President Sonya Stephens and the Mount Holyoke Board of Trustees,

As alumnae concerned about the unprecedented threat of runaway climate
change and in support of the student divestment campaign, we urge Mount Holyoke
to join the national effort to divest from the 200 leading fossil fuel companies
listed by the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

This campaign asks that institutions stop new investments in these companies,
divest within five years, and report their progress annually.

The scientific community has told us that approximately 80% of these companies’ current
reserves must remain in the ground if we are to prevent the worst of climate

Either the fossil fuel companies will succeed in selling their reserves, dooming us
to a terribly diminished world, or they will be left with stranded assets, making
them a poor investment. Many financial experts have stated that divestment is
not likely to negatively affect portfolio performance.

Many churches, foundations, municipalities, and other institutions have voted to
divest, including several colleges. In Massachusetts, the state treasurer and most
of the other gubernatorial candidates support divesting the state pension fund.

Let’s make Mount Holyoke a leader in this crucial campaign.

Alumnae in support of divestment at Reunion in 2014
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