You Decide Monster Kid Radio's Top 100 Classic Movie Monsters!
To celebrate Monster Kid Radio's upcoming 100th episode, Monster Kid Radio is turning to YOU to help us countdown the top classic movie monsters! Enter your own personal top ten classic movie monsters, and your entries will be combined with the other Monster Kid Radio listeners' entries. Please include your name and email address in case we need to clarify your entries.

In order of preference (#1 being your most favorite), please list your favorite classic movie monsters below. Please complete all ten entries. (Unless it's painfully obvious - Godzilla, etc. - please list what movie your favorite classic movie monster appeared in.)

While Monster Kid Radio does occasionally cover films or topics outside of this time frame, for the purpose of this Top 100 list, we are cutting off the "classic" monster movie period at 1970. Any movie monster pre-1970 can be included in your entries.

Some monsters have appeared in more than one film. For example, Universal's Dracula has appeared in more than one movie (even if he was played by different actors). In this case, this Dracula is the same Dracula across the board and counts as a singular entry. However, if the character appears in two different franchises as two distinctly different characters, you would then have two separate entries. For example, Universal's Frankenstein's Monster would be a different character (and entry) than Hammer's Frankenstein's Monster. (And in the case of Hammer's Frankenstein's Monster, each movie had a different monster so you'd need to clarify which one you want included in your entry!)

(And while in the original Godzilla, the giant monster was killed - SPOILER - and all future Godzilla films featured another Godzilla, for the sake of ease, we are still counting them all as just one Godzilla. The same can be said of all of Godzilla's enemies and allies.)

Deadline: May 14, 2014.
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