Winter Writing Contest
The Adult Writers' Group is sponsoring a flash fiction writing contest for all ages. Entries may be submitted Jan. 3rd-Jan. 26th. Winning entries will be published at the end of February. Entries must be submitted electronically in order to be considered (PDF or .doc files) and must fit the criteria for their age category.

Prompts & criteria:
For writers aged 12 years and younger: Please submit a creative essay (500 words or less) with the opening line “The best thing to do on a winter day is…”
Writers aged 13 years and older: Please submit a flash fiction composition (2,000 words or less) with the following criteria:

theme must be winter
a ticket of some kind must appear in the story
story must contain the line “to put it another way…”.

Judging for this prompt will be split into two categories; ages 13-18, and 18 and older.

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