ISSU Community Top Chef! + Dinner!

Salaam everyone!

We hope this finds you well, inshallah. ISSU would like to hold another community dinner, similar to the Opening Banquet, but with a new twist: a community Top Chef competition!! This will take place inshallah on the evening of February 22nd.

We thank the Muslim Students Awareness Network and the Turkish Students Association for co-sponsoring and advertising this event!

If you don't already know about Top Chef, its a TV reality show where chefs compete in making dishes based on a challenge for that week. Our challenge to the community: make a small dish, one of your favorites perhaps, from any culture of the Muslim world!

We are calling for participants in this competition to make small appetizers, snacks, dessert, drinks, whatever you like to share with the community and be eligible for a prize! The community will judge and votes will be collected that evening. There will also be a chance to talk about and share your recipes!

Please indicate if you'd like to participate using the form below. If you would not like to take part in the contest, please RSVP for the dinner regardless! It will be a fun evening, inshallah.

Note: This event is taking the place of the ISSU Cultural Potluck announced earlier. We think it'll be more fun to have a small contest and then dinner afterwards! :)

To participants:
-When you prepare your dish, we think it'd be best to make small bite-sized portions so that people can taste as they walk around.
-ISSU will reimburse ingredients and materials up to $50. Be sure to keep an itemized receipt if you would like reimbursement
-Remember the challenge: making a dish from a culture of the Muslim world! Other than that, you can make whatever type of dish you like: appetizer, dessert, drinks, etc.

Remember to RSVP whether you are participating or not! Thanks for reading through this.

:) ISSU Core

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