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This forms might help to determine whether a flex of permanent workspace in Blockchain-lab matches your objectives and situation
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No, not at all
Location A-lab at Overhoeksplein 2 suits me and I think it's a great spot
The A-lab building oozes the right atmosphere
I value weekly stand-ups with colleague experts in the room about recent developments in the field
I think is great to join in on the presentations by third parties that present their blockchain plans in the lab-room and are willing to listen to what I have to say
I would use the lab functions: test presentation techniques, symbols & methaphores, proofs of concept and work forms for the sake of better workshops
I could use training on the spot by the experts present in the room
My added value in the blockchain field might be of some use for my colleagues in the room too
Co-organizing and speaking at meetups for the public good in the A-lab building is good for my initiative and learning
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If you have at least two "sures" and two "maybe" you should definitely make an appointment with Blockchain-lab to check out the possibilities now. Please write anything that comes to your mind here.
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