Cedar Run Apartments, Memphis

************** FOR ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY ***********************
Offered by Grow Wealth 2 Retire LLC - www.growwealth2retire.com (sridhar@growwealth2retire.com)

Cedar Run Apartments, Memphis, Investor Interest Form
Dear Investor,

We value your potential interest in the acquisition of 'Cedar Run Apartments, Memphis' investment opportunity.
This is a 416 unit apartment complex, with cash on cash return of 8%+ and IRR of 15%+, equity multiple 1.8x

Please complete this form to indicate your potential interest in this opportunity so that we can keep you informed as we move through the acquisition process. Completing this form is by no means binding you to invest in this deal; it is merely a means to help us gauge interest and keep you on the mailing list for updates.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

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