US-China Research Collaboration Information
This form is intended to be completed by the US-based mentor proposing a research project for Summer 2020. The purpose of this form is to collect information about you, your collaboration, your proposed IRES project, and some related details. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that we will be able to find a collaborator for you or (if you have already have a collaborator) that you will get IRES students from this project. Projects and collaborators will first be vetted to ensure that they meet with export control approval and the IRES ASSURE goals. Students will be selected based on their research interests and aptitudes!
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Your Affiliation
Ex. Professor, Department of Chemistry, MSU
Your preferred contact email
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Your Research Focus
Briefly describe the current research projects in your lab (as they relate to the focus of the ASSURE site). If you do not have an existing US-China collaboration, this information will be exchanged with our partners to find potential collaborators. We will also post this information on our website. Please do not provide more than 2-3 sentences.
Do you have an existing research collaborator in China with whom you'd like to propose an IRES research project for Summer 2020? *
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