Ensemble Training 2018 Online Application 樂團培訓2018 網上報名表
Ensemble Training offers a one-of-a-kind musical experience which enables students to learn from world-class orchestral musicians and to perform side-by-side with their mentors in concert. Qualified students will receive intensive coaching on Grieg’s Holberg Suite, Op. 40, from Artistic Director Trey Lee, Musicus Fest musicians, and the celebrated Trondheim Soloists. Admitted students will participate in the following:
• Sectional training and full orchestra rehearsals coached by members of the Trondheim Soloists
• Performance with the Trondheim Soloists in the Musicus Fest 2018 Finale Concert at Hong Kong City Hall
• Master Classes given by distinguished artists
• Opportunity to be invited to take part in musical training and performance in Trondheim, Norway in early February of 2019

Application Deadline: 14.9.2018 (Fri)

• 出席由特倫赫姆獨奏家樂團指導的分部排練及樂團綵排*
• 於香港大會堂舉行的「樂・誼國際音樂節」閉幕音樂會中與特倫赫姆獨奏家樂團同台演出
• 參與著名演奏家主持的大師班
• 有機會於2019年2月初到挪威特倫赫姆接受培訓及參與演出

截止報名日期: 14.9.2018 (五)

Terms & Conditions
– This program is only open to online application. Applicants must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.
– Applicants must be Hong Kong residents and full-time students. For the Ensemble Training program, there is no age limit for the application.
– Each applicant can submit one application each for Ensemble Training and Behind the Scenes programs; but, successful applicants will only be admitted to one program.
– If the applicant does not provide sufficient information, Musicus Society (hereinafter “The Presenter”) may not be able to process his or her application.
– The Presenter will notify applicants of interview schedule and/or application result by email.
– The panel’s decisions on applications are final. Applicants have no right of appeal.
– The personal data provided will be used by the Presenter for processing any Application and will be held for statistics, correspondence and publicity purposes.
– The Presenter shall have the right to use any YouTube videos, essays, photos, video and sound recordings submitted by any applicants or otherwise taken during the program activities participated by the applicants, for non-commercial purposes.
– Successful applicants must sign and return an agreement form with full payment of tuition fees (except for financial aids applicants) before the deadline mentioned in the Offer Letter.
– Admitted applicants must bring their own instruments, be prepared and be punctual at every activity. The Presenter reserves the right to withdraw the applicant's offer should he/she fail to meet the above requirements.
– A certificate of attendance will be awarded to the applicants who complete the relevant training program.
– The presenter reserves the rights to determine the final performer roster for the concert.
– The Presenter reserves the rights to change any program, event details, regulations and procedures. For latest information, please visit www.musicussociety.org.
– The Presenter reserves all rights of final arbitration in any cases of dispute.
– The content of these activities does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
– The website for online application is compatible with Internet Explorer (version 9 and above), Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

- 本計劃只接受網上報名。申請者需接受及同意以下規則及條款。
- 申請者必需為香港居民及全日制學生。「樂團培訓」的參加者不設年齡限制。
- 每位申請者可就「樂團培訓」及「台前幕後」兩個項目各遞交一個申請,惟不會同時獲得錄取。
- 如申請者未能填妥申請表上要求的資料,垂誼樂社 (下稱「主辦機構」) 或不能處理有關申請。
- 主辦機構將透過電郵通知申請者面試或申請結果。
- 評審團對申請作最終決定,申請者不得異議。
- 申請者所提供的個人資料只會用於是次申請、日後聯絡及統計之用。
- 主辦機構有權使用申請者提供的YouTube影片、文章及其他在項目進行期間所拍攝的照片、錄影及錄音作 非商業用途。
- 成功入選「樂團培訓」的學員,必須在申請結果通知書所列之期限前繳交訓練費用(學費資助申請人除外)及簽署參與活動同意書。
- 被取錄的學員必須自行攜帶演奏之樂器準時出席所有活動,並在排練前作好預備,否則主辦機構將保留學員參與資格之最終決定權。
- 完成整個培訓項目的學員將獲發證書乙張。
- 主辦機構保留安排音樂會演出名單之最終決定權。
- 主辦單位保留一切修改計劃、項目內容、規則、條款及程序的權利。有關項目的最新資料,請留意本網站www.musicussociety.org 的公佈。
- 如有任何爭議,主辦機構保留最終決定權。
- 活動內容並不反映香港特別行政區政府的意見。
- 網上報名之網頁兼容 Internet Explorer 9及以上版本、Firefox、 Chrome 及Safari。

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