EMBL-ABR: Training Event Proposal
This webform is used to propose a hybrid training course or workshop (i.e. with a remote presenter and local training venues at participating Nodes) via the EMBL-ABR network. Delivery using this model was piloted in November 2017 with the Apollo training delivered by Monica Munoz-Torres from the USA to participants at 9 EMBL-ABR nodes around Australia.

We'll use the information you provide here to decide on a date/time for the training, invite other nodes to participate, discern whether your material and training environment are ready for delivery or require further work, and prepare general advertising and registration information for the event.

You will be sent an email after submitting the response and will be able to update any of your responses using a link provided in that email.

We'll be in touch shortly after submission to discuss your event further.

Many thanks


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