Basingstoke FS Scrambles - FRIDAY 22ND MAY 2015
The briefing commences at 6pm followed by flights promptly at 7pm. PLEASE PLEASE do not be late.

Experience of 4 way dive pool is not essential but you must be able to demonstrate you can fly safely with others in a flat flying position.

If you have not participated in group flying or 4-way in the tunnel before please contact us on 0845 331 6549 (opt3 for Basingstoke) before registering and we'll happily discuss your flying experience.

FS Scrambles costs just £35 and includes a minimum of 10 minutes tunnel time during the rounds.

If you would like to register, please complete the form below. Airkix may contact you directly regarding more specific details, times and payment.


In order to guarantee your participation and secure your entry to this event, you should:

1. Be a competent tunnel flyer and have previously flown safely with others in the tunnel. Knowledge of the 4-way dive pool is not essential.

2. Complete the details below.

3. Contact Airkix on 0845 331 6549 (opt 3) to pay the entry fee.

See you soon.

The Aircrew.
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Knowledge of the dve pool is not essential. Previous flying as 4 way is.
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If your unsure you meet this criteria, please conact Airkix on 01256 305294 or email
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