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Almost Fearless is a digital and print magazine for parents who adventure. These guidelines are for the web. The print version is closed for the Sept issue but will re-open in the summer for the January issue. Sign up for updates and calls for submissions here: http://tinyletter.com/almostfearless
How to Pitch Almostfearless.com
First tell us where your story fits. We have several types of articles we accept, with differing pay rates.

1. Service articles for adventure + children: teach us how to do X with kids - using expert guidance, advice from experienced parents and meaningful science. Pay range: $150 - $250

For example: a well-researched article on how to backpack with children with quotes from an alpinist mom, a childhood obesity researcher and mountain guide who hikes regularly with her children. May include side-bar items like suggested brands of child carrier. The writer should be familiar with the hiking space and existing content out there and seek to provide better, more in-depth and more useful information than what exists elsewhere. We're specifically interested in how to tackle physical challenges with kids but destination guides can work as well, especially if there's not-so-obvious approach.

2. The science of parenting and/or adventure: tell us about breaking research that changes how we think about parenting, travel, languages, adventure, children's education, or risk. Pay range: $150 - $250

For example: a new study shows that it's not screen time, it's the amount of time spent outdoors that matters. The piece should give the history, context and expert analysis as needed. We're looking for experienced science writers with a background sufficient to read and understand the research (not just the summary) - we'll be looking for a writing samples that reflect this.

3. Essays: These should be a thought-provoking look at our culture, parenting, travel, or outdoor adventure. Pay range: $75 - $125

For example: an essay on how living in Norway has changed your views on how to best raise strong girls. It should be upbeat and compelling. Pieces with additional research, such as studies or quotes, land on the higher end of the pay range.

4. Gear / book / movie reviews: alert us to an exceptional new piece of gear, an awesome book or stellar documentary in a way that is both fun to read and timely. Pay range: $50 - $75

For example: A new kind of tent hammock that can fit a family of four plus sets up in under 5 minutes. For all reviews, please work with our editors around receiving review copies or using the Almost Fearless name to secure access.

5. Lists: These are fun, quirky, and visually stunning round-ups with 200 word setup and a sentence or two per photograph. Pay range: $50

For example: 10 beautiful + overlooked Mexico destinations. These must be fact-checked lists, written with expertise.

The Pitch

Let's keep this simple! Just give us the story in a nutshell, just a few sentences. Imagine we're sitting together in a cafe, two friends, and you're describing what you're working on and why you're excited about it.

The Writing Samples

Please provide samples that match the kind of story you're pitching. If you don't have those samples, give us the best ones you've got or write the piece on spec - the last option is best for new writers with only a few (or no) published pieces.

That's it!

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